Prima Hotels in Jerusalem

The PRIMA HOTELS chain has hotels all over Israel as well as three excellent hotels in Jerusalem. The hotels are owned by the Moscovitz family, who have invested large sums of money in upgrading and renovating their entire hotel chain across the country, including in Jerusalem.

Prima Hotels include over 1,000 rooms in 8 hotels located in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat, Dead Sea and Tiberias.

Whether you are traveling for business, vacation, religious, historic, cultural tourism, or a special family event, Prima has a hotel uniquely suited for the occasion and a memorable experience.

The Prima Royale Hotel

3 Mendele Mocher Sfarim Street

 The Prima Royale bears no resemblance to its predecessor  - the Windmill Hotel. Only the location remains the same! Every other part of the hotel was totally renovated a couple of years ago to the highest standards , offering a very special hotel in the central Jerusalem neighborhood of Talbieh.

The hotel  was created to reflect the unique spirit of Jerusalem with its magnificent atmosphere, art, literature, and religious heritage. Prima Royale provides a "private hideaway" for business, leisure and arts travelers who want to relax in a club-like atmosphere.

The recently renovated Prima Kings is located a stone's throw from the Great synagogue, and the center of Jerusalem - King George and Jaffa Street. Walk straight down Agron road ( opposite the hotel ) , and you reach the Old City, Jaffa Gate, and the highly recommended new shopping center of Mamilla. Walk the other way, and you are within walking distance of the Liberty Bell Gardens, Emek Refaim, and the new old train station restaurant and entertainment complex. 

The hotel's dining room and cafetaria are both Glatt Kosher. The hotel also has its own synagogue.

The Prima Kings Hotel - Glatt Kosher

60 King George Street

The Prima Palace Hotel - Glatt Kosher

2 Pines Street

The Prima Palace is also centrally located, just off Jaffa Street, a stones throw away from the colorful outdoor food market - the "shuk". This hotel tends to cater for a more religiously observant guest, as its location is very close to several of Jerusalem's most religious neighborhoods. The Old City and "kottel" are also within walking distance (as indeed are all three Prima hotels in Jerusalem ).

The hotel is GLATT LEMEHADRIN KOSHER, under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate. The hotel has two Sabbath elevators and offers Glatt kosher meals and also has a synagogue with a sefah torah.

Situated in the heart of the Prima Palace Hotel are men's and women's Mikvot, used for purification of the body and soul. Entrance is free for hotel guests and is open daily.

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